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27-28/04/2018 The ANS Scientific Spring Scientific Meeting & AGM Southampton (proposed 2 day event, tbc)
Non ANS Meetings that may be of interest *
10/01/2018 The Science and Culture of Sleep and Sleeplessness (link below). Presented by University College London Free Word Centre, London, UK

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* The ANS place information on non-ANS meetings here for the benefit of its' membership.  The ANS are not responsible for the content or quality of these meetings and it is the responsibility of the individual to determine the suitability of any particular event. 

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More information on meetings

The Science and Culture of Sleep and Sleeplessness
Presented By: University College London
Co-chaired By: Kimberley Whitehead and Professor Matthew Beaumont
Wed 10 Jan 2018 from 11:15am - 9:00pm
Location: Free Word Centre, London, UK

Sleep is an enormous part of our lives and has fascinated scientists, artists and writers for centuries: Why do we sleep? And why do we sometimes struggle to sleep? Join us for a day of informal talks – with perspectives on sleep and sleeplessness from biologists, historians, artists, medics and cultural critics – and continued discussion over drinks in the evening.

Portfolio Layout

The exam board expect portfolios to be presented in a specific format.  This will be available below to download.  All candidates are encouraged to use this information to ensure they are remaining 'on track' with their learning.  

ANS are proud to launch two new standalone examinations. They offer greater flexibility in the training scheme while maintaining the same high standards appropriate for the professional body. 

A mentor will be assigned to all applicants to provide support in the development of the portfolio (containing work-based evidence). This is followed by a final practical competency exam

The two new exams will be for EEG and NCS/EP and are individually driven and arranged as required.


  • ANS members £500
  • Non-ANS members £695

For further information on these new exams please contact Opens window for sending emailAnn Harvey (Chair of Exams) or Opens window for sending emailPeter Walsh (Chair of Education).

STP - The Scientist Training Programme

Considering supporting a trainee through the Scientist Training Programme (STP)?

The Modernising Scientific Careers (MSC) Scientist Training Programme (STP) is now well established and effectively provides a training and education framework across all HealthCare Science (HCS) professions. It combines work-based training with an academic qualification (MSc) from an accredited University.


Helpbook for Training Centres

Good quality training is important to all of us. It ensures that we get the best workforce for the future, highly skilled and prepared for professional practice and demonstrating the correct values and behaviours. It gives the trainee an effective and stimulating training experience.

OSFA guidance for Assessors, Station Writers and Training Officers for 2014

The Objective Structured Final Assessment (OSFA) is a tool for assessing the practical skills that trainees are expected to have mastered just prior to registration as a Clinical Scientist. The content of the OSFA should reflect the tasks trainees complete, and the skills they use, on a routine basis in the workplace – both subject-specific and generic skills.
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Much of the education content can be found on our moodle site.  Opens external link in new windowVisit that here.

EEG Atlas

The ANS continue to host the excellent Opens external link in new windowEEG Atlas, written by Dr Horace Townsend. 

The ANS would like to share the success and achievements that its members have accomplished.  Students print the consent form (below) to ensure your name is included here.

 Unimed Prize Winner 2013

  • Gina Parker -  "A Study to Consider Visual Habituation Responses In Paediatrics"

BSc (Hons) Clinical Physiology Part I Examinations

  • Emily England (MMU)
  • Emily Gower (CWC)
  • Abigail Meera (CWC)

BSc (Hons) Clinical Physiology Part II Examinations

  • James Baird (DMU)
  • Laura Barnet (CWC)
  • Gerraint Davies (CWC)
  • Justine Fairbrother (MMU)
  • Cassie Fawcett (Sunderland)
  • Katie Fisher (Glasgow Cal)
  • Chloe Gabriele (MMU)
  • Blake Hale (Wolverhampton)
  • Ben Ives (Wolverhampton)
  • Jamie MacDonald (Glasgow Cal)
  • Georgina Moran (Wolverhampton)
  • Solange Omanyondo (DMU)
  • Jenna Owens (MMU)
  • Ellyn Paynton (MMU)
  • Vania Pinto (CWC)
  • Gareth Thomas (Wolverhampton)
  • Sarah Towey (MMU)
  • Amy Ward (Wolverhampton)
  • Jennifer Warner (Wolverhampton)

    CSci (Chartered Scientist) Award

    Kelly Bill
    Peter Bill
    Michelle Blythe (NEW!)
    Mary Boland
    Anne Burge
    Martina Burns
    Sara Callen
    Fiona Cave
    Evadne Cookman
    Emma Durrant
    Lesley Grocott
    Helen Grover
    Ann Harvey
    Joanne Horrocks
    Nigel Hudson
    Nutan Jethwa
    Arjel Lejarde
    Stuart Lodwick
    Brenda McManus
    Michael Pridgeon
    Kelly St Pier
    Caroline Scott
    Claire Tearle
    Claire Waite
    Charlotte Waite
    Peter Walsh
    Charlotte Wilkinson

    Student Consent

    It is customary for the list of successful students to have their names and department published in the Journal of the Association of Neurophysiological Scientists (JANS) to celebrate their success after the Part I and Part II professional exams.
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