The ANS Autumn 2016 Scientific Meeting - Newcastle

The ANS Autumn 2016 Scientific Meeting shall be held at the Hilton Hotel Gateshead on Friday 23 and Saturday 24 September 2016. 

ANS MEMBERS: Your 'identification code' has been sent to the email address held on file by ANS. You should enter this code when registering to ensure any appropriate discounts are applied.

ANS MEMBERS: Your 'identification code' has been sent to the email address held on file by ANS. You should enter this code when registering to ensure any appropriate discounts are applied.


An important message from RCCP that everyone in the field are likely to be interested in. 

Due to the national shortage of our workforce and the limited throughput of the new PTP entry-level training course, ANS have written to Prof Sue Hill CSO to ask for support with workforce planning and have recommended some actions. 
A copy of this letter is available on the members section of the website by logging in and visiting the Newsletter page.
Peter Bill (Chair, ANS)

Yesterday morning’s edition of The Times (22 February) included an interview with Belinda about the science profession, Scientists ‘should take ethics oath like doctors’.

This was based on similar arguments put forward in a blogpost, which we originally wrote in response to the Ipsos Mori 2015 Trust in Professions research, but held back when the Times interview seemed likely to go ahead. We have also published this blogpost, If trust in science falls, society suffers, as the Times article will be behind a paywall.

This coverage is part of the Science Council’s work to increase the profile of registration and the need for it, winning the kind of opinion formers and policy makers that read The Times to starting to think about asking for registration when procuring or awarding research grants or commissions research projects.

Belinda Phipps.

Chief Executive, The Science Council.

Jon Flannery

The diagram representing the International 10-20 electrode #EEG placement system has been in dire need of an update!

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Neurosurgery Blog

Pneumocephalus is a frequent complication following head injury and craniotomies.…

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Neurosurgery Blog

The Evolution of Modern Neurosurgery: A History of Trial and Error, Success and Failure

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Following yesterday's ANS Council meeting, keep a look out for news updates in the ANSwer and on twitter


ANS council meeting today in London. Busy agenda, including a council vote to decide the new Hon. President.


@call_saram wary, there is soooo much content (of varying quality!) I will start to highlight some accounts that may be of interest...

Dear Colleagues, 

This is an update on the 2015/2016 round of Audit Projects.

Firstly, we hope that you are aware of the current NEAD project: 

We are half way through the NEAD data collection period.  Data collection will continue until February 2016.  If your department is not currently participating and/or you would like more information please email Opens window for sending emailCatherine Pang

Secondly, in January 2016 we will send out invites for the next project, which is an audit against ANS/BSCN standards for IOM in spinal deformity surgery.  Please contact Opens window for sending emailCatherine Pang if you have any queries.

The final project of the year will be a short survey.  Over the past few years your involvement with the Joint National Audit Projects has resulted in National Standards for Hyperventilation, Photic Stimulation, Video Telemetry and Use of melatonin for paediatric sleep EEG.  The survey will enable us to evaluate how the standards have been implemented.  

The preliminary results of all the projects will be presented at a National Audit Conference in autumn 2016 (date TBC)

The National Audit Group would also like you to showcase your Local and Regional Audit projects at the Audit Conference.  There will be a poster competition with cash prize awarded. 

We would like to thank you for your ongoing involvement in the Audit Projects.


The National Audit Planning Group

November 2015

Notice regarding CSci and M-Level Applications

Dear ANS member,
We are unfortunately experiencing some problems with the on line application process for CSci/ RCCP M level and we are currently suspending this method of application. Please accept our apologies for this. If you have started the process using the online based application, then please get in touch with either Kelly, myself or your mentor so that we can ensure that you have all the correct information needed to complete your form.

Anyone thinking about applying in the near future, please contact Opens window for sending emailJane Douthwaite at EBS who will be able to send you the necessary guidance and application form.


ANS Standalone Exams

Applications are now open for the ANS standalone exams.  Please click one of the buttons below to open the application form and read the instructions on submitting the application. 

Please be aware that potential students should seek the advice of their work based assessor (WBA) before they register for the scheme.

ANS are proud to launch two new standalone examinations. They offer greater flexibility in the training scheme while maintaining the same high standards appropriate for the professional body. 

A mentor will be assigned to all applicants to provide support in the development of the portfolio (containing work-based evidence). This is followed by a final practical competency exam

The two new exams will be for EEG and NCS/EP and are individually driven and arranged as required.


  • ANS members £500
  • Non-ANS members £695

For further information on these new exams please contact Opens window for sending emailAnn Harvey (Chair of Exams) or Opens window for sending emailPeter Walsh (Chair of Education).

Did you know...

...that some content on this site is available for members only?  If you are already a member of ANS Opens window for sending emailsend me an email with your name, ANS membership number, town and chosen password and I shall set you up to gain access.  

ANS Surveys

The ANS Membership Fees

Full Member £55
Associate member £55
Fellow member £55
Chartered member £100
Chartered fellow £100
Commercial member £55
Student member £15
Retired member £20
Initial registration fee £15

For more information please view the Opens internal link in current windowMembers page or contact Joanne Horrocks at Opens window for sending


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