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Website Registration now open

If you are already an ANS member you can now self register for this new ANS website.  Use the Register now button (visible on most pages) and await verification (you might need to check in your Spam mailbox for the confirmation email).

Thanks for your patience.

The ANS Spring Scientific Meeting – Southampton

The updated programme is available to download on our Scientific Meetings page.  Registration is open now.  This could be the last thing to do on your “To Do” list before the bank holiday weekend!

It’s Healthcare Science Week

Let us know what your department and Trust are doing.


It is Healthcare Science Week and at Birmingham Children’s Hospital  some of our physiologists are explaining to the world what we do.

@bham_childrens @bwh_nhs @bwc_nhs

This your new ANS website.

It has been redesigned to overcome some of the weaknesses of the previous site.  The new login form is visible on each page, ANS members can self-register (they will be manually verified though) and most importantly, you can manage your own password in case you forget it.

We have improved the integration with social media too – ANS members can request to join our facebook group directly and also visit our Twitter and Instagram links from these pages.

There is still work to do though – the member’s section will be coming online in the coming days.  However if you have any comments on new content please do get in touch.

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