The Association of Neurophysiological Scientists; The ANS (formerly EPTA) is the professional body for clinical physiologists working in the field of Clinical Neurophysiology. It’s principle aims are to represent its members at a national level, set standards of practice, promote career development, set education and training standards and award qualifications.

With over 60 years experience ANS provides the only professionally recognised practical examinations in Neurophysiology in the UK.

EPTA was founded in 1949 with initially 21 members; The ANS has now grown to over 500 members, majority of which are based within clinical departments in the UK and Republic of Ireland, although membership does spread world wide. With over 60 years experience it provides the only professionally recognised practical examinations in Neurophysiology in the UK.

The ANS roles:

  • To aid and support the development of Clinical Neurophysiology nationally and internationally.
  • To develop and maintain professional standards of practice to promote patient safety.
  • Represent the interests of clinical physiologists (neuro), provide advice and work with UK governments, public & independent healthcare providers, media, universities, professional organisations and all other partners.
  • Provide professional support for members (but does not act in the capacity of a trade union).
  • Interacts with other organisations for the benefit of the profession, membership, and all service users including the patients and public.
  • Develop training and award qualifications for members to demonstrate levels of expertise and competency along a career pathway.
  • To enable members to achieve their highest potential by providing opportunities for continuing professional development and other professional activities.
  • Inform and guide members through professional and scientific publications, meetings and events.
  • Promote public awareness of Clinical Neurophysiology.
  • Award the designation of Chartered Scientist to qualifying members.

The ANS currently produces a monthly newsletter called The ANSwer to keep members abreast of current professional issues, in addition to 3 editions of the Journal of Association of Neurophysiological Scientists’ (JANS) per year. Two scientific conferences are also held each year in the spring and autumn.

The ANS is governed by a Council which meets regularly to discuss the business of the Association. ANS is affiliated to the Organisation of Societies of Electrophysiological Technology (OSET) which is an international federation of such societies. OSET fosters international co-operation in setting occupational standards for technologists and also publishes a newsletter as well as holding an international Congress every four years.