Joint ANS/BSCN Audit


ANS/BSCN National Audit Group – March 2018

Dear colleagues

The second project of the year, a service evaluation of Evoked Potentials, has just been released with data acquisition commencing on the 1st April 2018.

The Long-Term Monitoring (Ambulatory/Home VT) project will also be released this month with data acquisition running alongside the EP project (1st April to 30th June 2018)

May I also remind you that the first project of 2018 was released two months ago – please continue to complete forms for all prospective sleep deprived EEGs performed in your department until the end of April.

Thank you to everyone taking part in the National Audit projects. Filling in forms can sometimes feel a little onerous with everything else that we must do, but the data acquired is useful and your efforts are much appreciated.  We look forward to sharing the data with you and will keep you updated.

If you are not involved with these projects but would like to take part or require more information please e mail


Catherine Pang

On behalf of the National Audit Planning Group

PS Following the previous Newsletter update we were pleased to add several new centres to the mailing list – thank you to those of you that got in touch. You should now have received details of the sleep deprived and EP projects.


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