Clinical Neurophysiology National Audit Conference 2012

A joint meeting between The ANS and BSCN was held on 11th October 2012 at The Bloomsbury Suite, Friends House, Euston Road, London, with 100 delegates attending (capacity).

The programme included an introduction to the audit process by Dr Ros Kandler. This was followed by a talk from Paul White, explaining how audit fits with the IQIPS (Improving Quality in diagnostic Physiological Services). Each of the 3 audit projects was presented and included a literature review of the topic. All presentations can be viewed on the accompanying PDFs (see links below).


Safety and value of Hyperventilation during EEG

Review and audit

Dr Nick Kane, Lesley Grocott, Sarah Lawrence

Video Telemetry Safety

Review and Audit Guidelines

Dr Ros Kandler, Dr Athi Ponnusamy, Catherine Pang, Dr Jeremy Bland, Dr Ming Lai, Gail Charlton

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Review and Audit

Dr Robin Kennett, Jeff Holman

The above audits are now complete. If you would like to communicate with the Audit Team please email them.