Clinical Neurophysiology National Audit Conference 2016

A joint meeting between BSCN and ANS was held on 3rd November 2016 at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham, with 140 delegates attending. Links to all of the powerpoint presentations and posters can be found below.
The programme centred on sessions on NEAD and IONM.  National standards for EEG investigation of NEAD were presented and have now been published.
The IONM session resulted in some suggestions for amendments to the national standards. Departments may obtain their individual results on application from Helen Grover helen.grover
2 talks on how to embark on the IQIPS process were given: the first from the departmental point of view and the second from the assessor’s angle.
A poster competition was held during the lunch break with 2 prizes awarded, one judged by Nick Kane for the BSCN, Kelly StPierre for the ANS and Santi Catania for the national audit group, the other by the delegates. The two winners were Bryony Carr and Andrew Lawley respectively. All posters were of a very high standard and were very varied in subject matter.
The last presentation was of the results of the on-line survey assessing whether the national audit projects and ensuing standards were considered helpful (they were!).
The meeting concluded with a discussion about suitable topics for the following round of projects out of which the following were selected:

  • Muscle selection for EMG in MND (Dr N Khalil, London)
  • Sleep deprivation EEGs (Dr Andrew Lawley, Birmingham)
  • Ambulatory EEG and Home VT (Dr Munni Ray, Leeds)

The next joint national audit conference will take place in Autumn 2018


Welcome (Ros Kandler/Catherine Pang)

IQIPS: How to do it

Standards for IONM