Becoming a Member of The ANS

Membership advice

For any queries relating to membership, whether you want to join or need to change your existing membership details, please contact Jo Horrocks at

Membership of The ANS is open to individuals working within Clinical Neurophysiology and related fields.

Current members include:

  • Clinical Physiologists
  • Clinical Scientists
  • Physicians
  • Technologists
  • Students
  • Equipment manufacturers

Full membership costs 55 pounds (sterling) per annum and this includes the right to attend scientific meetings (for which there will be a fee), a quarterly newsletter which includes job advertisements and three scientific journals per annum.
To enquire about joining The ANS e-mail Jo Horrocks, membership secretary.


Membership of the association is open to all those engaged in Clinical Neurophysiological practice. Membership can be applied for at any point in the year with annual subscriptions payable on 1st March.  ‘Pro-rata’ or similar discounts are not offered for part year membership.  The current rates are shown below.

The ANS Membership Fees

Initial registration fee £15
Full Member £55
Associate member £55
Fellow member £55
Chartered member £100
Chartered fellow £100
Commercial member £55
Student member £15
Retired member £20

In accordance with the rules of the Association, members who do not pay their renewal subscriptions by 1st June will be removed from the membership list and will incur a £15 rejoin fee in addition to the subscription fee.

Membership grades

Full membership is available only to those who hold an ANS recognised professional qualification. It is also available to those with current RCCP registration who are working in Neurophysiology.

Associate membership is available to those working in the field of Neurophysiology but do not fulfil the criteria for other grades of membership. This includes BSc Clinical Physiology trainees who have completed the first two years and have passed the ANS Part I exam. It also includes graduates of the PTP programme who have not undertaken an ANS recognised practical exam.

Student membership is available to those training towards their first ANS professional exam.

Commercial membership is available to those employed in the commercial sector with an interest in Clinical Neurophysiology.

Chartered membership is available to members who have been awarded Chartered Scientist status by the ANS.

Fellow membership is awarded to members who have been recognised for outstanding practice or pursuance within the profession.

Chartered Fellow is awarded to fellows who have also achieved Chartered Scientist status.

The above grades entitle you to attend ANS Scientific conferences at a reduced rate. You will also receive a quarterly electronic newsletter which includes job adverts, and 3 scientific e-Journals (JANS) per year.

Retired membership is available to previous full members who have retired from the field of Neurophysiology.


Codes of conduct & Ethics and Disciplinary procedure

ANS would like to draw your attention to the recently updated code of conduct and ethics.  These updates align with HCPC and the Science Council practices, which guides members conduct, professional practice and behaviours. They also include updated membership categories
As part of this update ANS has now produced a separate Disciplinary procedure.  The ANS’s Code of Conduct and Ethics is designed to encompass the professional competence of Members of the Professional Body when practising neurophysiology expertise, and their professional relationships with the ANS, its Members and its Council, and their professional colleagues.  Should a member be alleged to have breached the Code, the updated Disciplinary Procedure details how an allegation is investigated.
We are a professional body and as such, we do not have the powers of registration bodies or statutory regulators, we cannot stop any of our Members from practicing their profession if they are found to violate the ANS Code of Conduct and Ethics (or CSci Standards/Model Code of Conduct if applicable). ANS can however remove a Member from the ANS Membership should they be found to violate the Standards or Code/s with which they agree to abide to through their ANS membership.   We would therefore recommend reading the Code of conduct, Ethics and Disciplinary procedures.
These Revised documents supersede any previous versions or copies.  ALL members grades should read, understand and agree to abide by the new Code when joining ANS and by renewing their annual membership, are agreeing to continue to abide by the Code.

Codes of conduct 

Ethics and Disciplinary procedure


Map of Departments in the UK and Ireland

We rely on our members to ensure this map is kept up to date.  If you are aware of incorrect information in your patch, please contact Ally Tate so the map can be updated/corrected.