Your Council

Your ANS Council work on a voluntary basis. Please be mindful when contacting Council that each member works their own job in addition to volunteering (often in their own time) to help progress the profession. If you are interested in sitting on Council please contact Jo Horrocks so she can explain the process.

President Paul Furlong
Chair Peter Walsh
Vice Chair Ann Harvey
Treasurer Claire Tearle
Secretary Joanna Matthews
Chair Education Kelly Bill
Chair Exam board Ann Harvey
Professional affairs Simon Veal
Membership Secretary Joanne Horrocks
JANS editor Sara Callen
Newsletter Editor Naomi Thornton
International Rep (OSET) Peter Bill
Irish Rep Lezlie Huntley
Careers Advisor Richard Pottinger
Clinical governance Stuart Lodwick
Website Manager Martyn Thompson
Newsletter Distributer Jane Glover
National Audit Rep Catherine Pang
Deputy Professional Affairs Adrian Tearle
School of HCS Rep Rachel Hutchings
Social Media Rep Jon Flannery
Elected 2017 Mary Boland
Elected 2018 Kelly St.Pier
Elected 2018 Ellyn Payton


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