ANS Meetings

Thursday 26th–Friday 27th April 2018The ANS Spring Scientific Meeting and AGM, Southampton. REGISTRATION OPEN NOW. Visit the Scientific Meetings page for more information.

Other meetings that may be of interest

16 - 19 May 2018Lisbon Sleep Summit: Sleep in Women. Portugal. Click for more information.
30 May –2 Jun 2018Sleep Congress 2018. Neulogical aspect, neurovascular, psychiatrics and sleep disorders. Saint-Petersburg
Russia. Visit.
08-09 June 20182018 European Navigated Brain Stimulation Symposium, London. Visit the website
These meetings are not run by ANS. Their appearance on this listing should not be interpreted as an endorsement. This listing is provided as a service to our membership. It is up to the individual to determine if the meeting or course is suitable.

The ANS Standalone Exams

ANS provides the only professionally recognised practical examinations in Neurophysiology in the UK. Currently it is possible to train towards the ANS EEG standalone exam or the ANS NCS/EP standalone exam.  More information is available via the Resources page (ANS members only).

The EEG Exam

The NCS/EP Exam
The NCS/EP exam is taken after a period of study within a department, usually within the UK or Ireland. A mentor is assigned who will be able to provide support during the process and a work based assessor (WBA) will help you develop your digital portfolio so you can provide evidence of your knowledge, experience and learning.  Your WBA will help you decide when it is time to arrange your final practical exam in your own department.

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