Why is Equality and Diversity important for ANS?

Equality and Diversity in the workplace is important for many reasons, as this blog will hopefully outline. With current society, systemic inequalities affect individuals in so many different ways and the best way to move forward for us as an professional organisation is to work together to maintain an inclusive organisation for all. This is already a well-established focus within the NHS and other professional bodies with many policies in place, and ANS will aim to ensure we are meeting the standards also in our field of Neurophysiology.

For us in our field we can consider Equality and Diversity at many different angles. Is the field attracting a diverse range of new recruits? Is our workforce representative of the public we serve? Are some individuals feeling as if they don’t have the same opportunities?

The first step for us to work through is to collect data around diversity monitoring to understand the spread of the protected characteristics and other traits amongst our field. The data will be collated and compiled to understand the level of equality and diversity. We will be able to identify any areas that may need to be addressed and improved, but also hopefully identify areas that can be celebrated in our inclusive and diverse field. For areas that may need to be improved and developed, we will also aim to look into why and how these inequalities may exist in the first place. We are working with The Science Council who have provided a framework to work through for this for data collection and reporting.